MaticPad-What’s Coming Next?

2 min readJun 17, 2021


It’s been 24 hours since $MATPAD, the native utility token of MaticPad token was listed on Quickswap and Dfyn markets and despite the issues with Polygon network, MaticPad is still trading at 7x since public sale price with a daily volume of $5.5 million+. We are really grateful for all the support that we received in the last few days.

Upcoming Plans?

Now, since MaticPad has been listed and tokens are available in the market, we plan on rolling out these major launches in the next 7 days which includes:

1) MaticPad Cross-chain Bridge

The native MaticPad bridge will support $MATPAD transfer among MATIC<>ETH<>BSC chain. This enables users to easily move their tokens between the three supported chains with only a few clicks.

2) Tier Subscription Model

MaticPad aims to establish itself as the go-to cross-chain launchpad in Polygon ecosystem and for any project that launches on MaticPad, people will be able to take part in sales via Tier Subscription Model.
For each tier a guaranteed number of tickets will be allocated in all project launching on MaticPad. Exact details regarding this will be announced in a separate dedicated article on 18th June.

3) Uniswap LP

The unexpected failure of Polygon nodes at the launch made it quite a tough task for us to deploy contracts and as well as for the community to get a hold of and buy tokens.

These upcoming releases are very crucial for the project and we plan on making them a huge success. Hence, before moving forward and launching these within the next 7 days, the MaticPad team plans on creating an LP pair on Uniswap (ERC) so the community can have better access to tokens and the barrier of accessing the project is reduced.

This decision was taken after a community vote.

4) Dual Staking Pools

Dual Staking Pools will allow stakers to earn $MATPAD rewards and tickets in MaticPad IDOs. In order to participate in IDOs, users will need to stake their $MATPAD at least 5 days prior to the launch of any IDO.

5) First IDO Announcement (Under $100k Marketcap)

The first MaticPad IDO will be announced on 20th June via Telegram Announcement Channel and will be a part of the AIS program of MaticPad with a market cap of <$100k.

About Maticpad

MaticPad is the First Cross-Chain Decentralized Accelerator Platform Based on Polygon that Helps Project Build, Raise and Launch. Enabling innovators to build projects right from an idea to mint/sale, building custom smart contracts, and strategize listing and deployment all from a single dashboard on any supported chain.

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MaticPad is the First Cross-Chain Decentralized Accelerator Platform Based on Polygon that Helps Project Build, Raise and Launch.