MaticPad Public Sale Whitelist is Now Open!

We are pleased to announce that MaticPad Public Sale whitelisting will start on 7th June 2021, 12:00 PM UTC. The project has received great support and excitement from the communities, and the much anticipated public sale is now one step towards getting the $MATPAD token out there in the hands of the community.

With the tokens, holders can participate in MaticPad platform IDOs, staking, liquidity mining access to all different pools available on the platform, community rewards and use the three different platform modules.

Public Whitelist Details:

  • Total tokens for sale: 3,000,000 $MATPAD tokens
  • Token price: $0.035 per $MATPAD token
  • Max. participants: 300 spots
  • Per head cap: $350 per head i.e. 10,000 $MATPAD tokens
  • Chain: Polygon Mainnet (formerly known as Matic)
  • Vesting: 30% release on Token Generation Event (TGE), 2 months cliff, 25% every quarter.
  • Public Sale and Listing Date: TBA


1) How to connect Matic into Metamask

2) Use Matic bridge to transfer funds from Ethereum to Polygon Network:


For anyone who wants to connect their Metamask to Matic chain quickly, just go to and click on “Switch to Matic” and approve, it’ll connect you to the Matic mainnet directly without having to manually add the network yourself.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

How to Register for Whitelist?

The whitelist registration will be done via MaticPad Whitelist Bot


1. Telegram Account

2. Twitter Account

3. Matic(ERC) address (will be used for receiving tokens if you get selected)

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Instructions to register with the bot:

2. <Prove you are human>

3. <Read a short summary about us>

4. <Join MaticPad Group and then confirm you have joined the group>

5. <Join MaticPad Telegram Channel and then confirm you have joined the channel>

6. <Follow Matic Twitter and then confirm you have joined the chat>

7. <Like, Retweet the pinned tweet. Also tag 3 friends and confirm>

8. <Enter Matic/ERC Wallet address to be join the whitelist>

Congratulations. You have Successfully registered for the MaticPad whitelisting spot for public sale.


  • Invalid Telegram username, Twitter accounts, bots, will get your entries disqualified.
  • Incomplete registration will not be entertained for public sale whitelist.
  • Wallet address must be correct.


** You can use your Ethereum address as Matic address in whitelist bot, during public sale you’ll need to contribute using the funds from Matic chain.

Q) When does whitelisting end?

** Whitelist results will be released on 13th June 2021, there will be a message broadcast to all the whitelist winners via bot after whitelist ends.

Listing will be announced soon after public sale is over.

Q) When is the listing date?

  • * TBA

Q) Can I use BSC/ETH address in Matic wallet in bot?

** As long as you have the private keys of your wallet, you can use your BSC/ETH wallet addresses since they’ve the same structure, only RPC network will be different while using Matic chain. Please do not use any exchange address to enter in whitelist.

About MaticPad

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MaticPad is the First Cross-Chain Decentralized Accelerator Platform Based on Polygon that Helps Project Build, Raise and Launch.