Introduction: MaticPad Ecosystem

MaticPad Ecosystem

The decentralized ecosystem is filled with exciting blossoms of innovative applications that redefine how we live and operate. Creative minds spend time crafting their technological disruptors to serve the dynamic market needs. These creators then actualize their visions by implementing their projects. As such and with the above-stated objectives in mind, we decided to create MaticPad, first cross-chain decentralized accelerator platform based on Polygon.

Why MaticPad?

Innovating and implementing from scratch can be an exhaustive experience. Among the common indicators of physical and mental fatigue are the questionable decisions made by innovative teams towards the tail-end of project implementation. These decisions become more difficult in the blockchain economy as more variables are considered, such as smart contracts deployment, fundraising and token distribution.

For these reasons, we created a platform that offers an all-in-one solution for projects where innovators can build, raise, and launch their projects with minimal effort. Aptly described as “Polygon meets cross-chain decentralized offerings,” our mission is to establish faith in new projects and enable the community to invest in early-stage decentralized projects effortlessly.

MaticBUILD: Build Anything Effortlessly!

One of the challenges of innovation is the inadequacy or lack of technical skills in the relevant field. For instance, blockchain enthusiasts may have novel ideas that could disrupt the status quo in various industries; however, they may lack the technical expertise to create these platforms.


MaticPad solves this previously overlooked problem by providing a comprehensive plug-and-play tool on our platform, allowing even the technically challenged to integrate blockchain solutions to their envisioned platforms. The feature makes it effortless to mint tokens, conduct token sales on any supported blockchain and it also allows teams to create and deploy custom smart contracts tailored to their specificity.

One obvious use case for the plug-and-play module made possible through MaticBUILD is the direct minting of tokens by projects seeking their native tokens for maximum efficiency. Sales and distribution of the tokens via MaticPad are more convenient and effortless compared to existing market offerings.

MaticRAISE: Smart Raise & Investors Protection Platform

Fundraising is among the most complex tasks in the decentralized economy. Finding a population willing to support your project, regardless of its innovation, will prove difficult. Getting supporters becomes even more challenging considering the scams that some unscrupulous market participants have carried out in the past.

MaticRAISE: Private and Public Pools

Fortunately, our introduction of MaticRAISE makes fundraising an effortless endeavor. It gives projects access to a wider variety of possible investors, allowing these projects an expansive pool of potential supporters. For our community, we’ve positioned ourselves as a strategic hub where the most innovative projects can launch, allowing our community access to early-stage sales. Furthermore, given that there are no third parties involved, community members are more likely to support the projects as their support is channeled directly to the project’s success.

The access to early-stage sales coupled with the extensive assessment of projects by MaticPad creates the perfect environment for support for new projects.

MaticLAUNCH: One Click Launches!

Right from their dashboards, teams can directly launch their projects on Uniswap, PancakeSwap, or QuickSwap. Having helped build through MaticBUILD and raise funds through MaticRAISE, MaticPad completes our terrific trio with MaticLaunch. Projects will experience a more manageable timely launches without any delays on any supported blockchain just with few clicks.

With our cross-chain capabilities, projects will also have the chance to aggregate their launch on blockchains such as Polygon, Ethereum, BSC, and others that will soon be added. In addition to cross-chain support, we also support launching directly to L2 protocols. The L2 support creates an environment for fast transactions and lower gas fees, which are beneficial to both the project and its potential supporters.

Apart from all these, MaticPad will also offer staking pools and LP platform as well where all the platform projects could use it.

Safeguarding Investors Against Rugs

For investors on MaticPad, we will ensure that they are all protected from frauds and rugs prevalent in decentralized setups. To limit this, contract security and time-lock on liquidity will be mandatory on our platform. These two factors will help us mitigate any chance of malicious activity.

Anon Incubation Support (AIS)

Projects need not worry about the parameters that will determine their eligibility for MaticLaunch, as we will support anonymous projects through our Anon Incubation Support (AIS) module. This will also prevent any fraud within the platform, and anon projects will receive endorsements/incubations from MaticPad considering they use platforms secure smart contracts internally (within MaticPad), and ensure that the entire project team has audited contracts and non-custodial liquidity.

With building, raising, and launching took care of, MaticPad creates a platform that has compelling use cases for innovators globally. For example, an education platform to provide access to books and other material at a lower cost via blockchain but with limited global visibility can raise funds through MaticRaise for their establishment or expansion. MaticPad will give them visibility through their global community that will still help them meet their fundraising target.

MaticPad will bring the requisite convenience to Polygon projects

The services brought forward by MaticPad fill an existing gap that may have previously been overlooked in the blockchain setup. A platform that makes building, fundraising, and launching easier is just what blockchain needs when innovation is outpacing market services.

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MaticPad is the First Cross-Chain Decentralized Accelerator Platform Based on Polygon that Helps Project Build, Raise and Launch.

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MaticPad is the First Cross-Chain Decentralized Accelerator Platform Based on Polygon that Helps Project Build, Raise and Launch.

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