Introducing MaticPad($MATPAD) LP Staking Program on Quickswap

Dear MaticPad Community,

We are excited to announce the launch of the $MATPAD LP Staking program on Quickswap. Users will be now incentivized to provide liquidity into MATPAD/ETH Quickswap pool.

The Program aims to improve liquidity to facilitate easy buy/sell without high slippage, encourage the community to participate in improving the on-chain metric, and also earn fees when someone trades on MATPAD/ETH pair.

About 300,000 $MATPAD will be used to reward the liquidity providers to provide liquidity and then stake LP tokens. The program will incentivize the LPs over the course of six months

The program begins today, 11th September 2021 at 04.30 PM UTC

🌊 Let’s get started!

  • By providing Liquidity you would be earning LP tokens representing your position. The number of tokens will be proportional to your share of the pool.
  • Now you can go to this link to stake your LP tokens.
  • You can see your LP token balance on the dashboard. Click approve and stake your tokens.
  • Individuals can see their share of $MATPAD rewards on the dashboard that can be claimed as per their comfort.

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