Dear MaticPad Community,

We are excited to announce the launch of the $MATPAD LP Staking program on Quickswap. Users will be now incentivized to provide liquidity into MATPAD/ETH Quickswap pool.

The Program aims to improve liquidity to facilitate easy buy/sell without high slippage, encourage the community to participate in improving the on-chain metric, and also earn fees when someone trades on MATPAD/ETH pair.

About 300,000 $MATPAD will be used to reward the liquidity providers to provide liquidity and then stake LP tokens. The program will incentivize the LPs over the course of six months

The program begins today, 11th September…

We want to start with our current updates and where we are in terms of development for MaticPad.

When we started MaticPad, we were flourished with community support and continue to receive that till today. We aim to change how IDOs are done and have been developing in the same direction so our platform can see the light of the day.

Despite the Polygon network issues on the launch day, MaticPad had a grand opening with 30x on the first day of listing and we quickly delivered on our words. …

We’re excited to announce that based on our community demands, we are introducing the “Community Angels” tier. This tier will be able to participate directly in the “Private Sale” and “Seed Sale” of the IDO projects.

How does this work?

1. Hold 100,000 $MATPAD tokens
2. Stake 100,000 $MATPAD tokens on the staking platform
3. Verify and join the private group of “Community Angels”
4. Contribute and participate in “Private Sale” and “Seed Sale” rounds of the IDO projects.

Benefits of “Community Angels” Tier:

1. Access to 20% of the “Private Round” and 10% of the “Seed Round” of any project on MaticPad (varies with the project).
2. Min allocation…

Dear MaticPad community, we are excited to announce the launch of the $MATPAD liquidity mining program on Dfyn. Users will be now incentivized to provide liquidity into MATPAD/ETH pool on DFYN exchange.

The MATPAD-ETH farm will launch under Dfyn’s ‘Popular Farms’ sections and enable users to accrue vested rewards across a period of 2 weeks from 29th June 2021.

The program aims to improve liquidity to facilitate easy buy/sell without high slippage, encourage the community to participate in improving the on-chain metric, and also earn rewards when someone trades on MATPAD/ETH pair.

A total of 700,000 $MATPAD will be used…

We’re very excited to announce that MaticPad cross-chain bridge is now finally live, initially supporting Polygon<>Ethereum transfers.

How to Use MaticPad Cross-Chain Bridge

It takes hardly two minutes to bridge your $MATPAD tokens from one chain to another using the native MaticPad cross-chain bridge.

You can transfer your $MATPAD tokens between Polygon and Etherum chain by following steps. In this example, we’ll guide you on how you can move $MATPAD tokens from Polygon chain to Ethereum. (Make sure you’ve some $MATIC and $ETH in your wallet to pay for the network gas fee.)

  1. Go to

We’re proud to announce that the much-awaited tier subscription model for $MATPAD is here. We tried to structure the tier allocations as best as possible to fit everyone. $MATPAD holders who wish to participate in upcoming IDOs will be required to stake their $MATPAD tokens to register for upcoming IDO sales.

MaticPad IDO Subscription Tiers:

The total number of tokens you hold decides which tier you are entitled to:

It’s been 24 hours since $MATPAD, the native utility token of MaticPad token was listed on Quickswap and Dfyn markets and despite the issues with Polygon network, MaticPad is still trading at 7x since public sale price with a daily volume of $5.5 million+. We are really grateful for all the support that we received in the last few days.

Upcoming Plans?

Now, since MaticPad has been listed and tokens are available in the market, we plan on rolling out these major launches in the next 7 days which includes:

1) MaticPad Cross-chain Bridge

The native MaticPad bridge will support $MATPAD transfer among MATIC<>ETH<>BSC chain. This…

We at MaticPad are happy to announce our Private Sale Allocation Airdrop Event. During our whitelisting event for public sale, we received an overwhelming 55000+ entries during the event.

Total of 300 whitelist spots were given out for a total public raise of $104,000

People who have been left behind in hopes to get a chance to buy tokens at public sale price, will now be airdropped tokens from private sale rounds.

Total tokens up for airdrop 500,000 MATPAD at a private sale price of $0.02

Total eligible users for Private Sale Allocation Airdrop are 1204, who stand to receive…

MaticPad is overwhelmed by the support we have received from our community so far. It’s time to move forward and present our public sale timeline details.


The MaticPad Public sale will be only for whitelist winners

  • Initial market-cap: $504,000
  • Public sale price: $0.035
  • Listing price: same as public sale price
  • Listing on QuickSwap & DFYN
  • Vesting: 30% at TGE , 2 months cliff, then 25% quarterly release.
  • $MATPAD Contract Address: TBA

16th June 2021 Sale & TGE Timeline

All times are in UTC, 16th June, 2021 (PM)

12:30 PM: Chat muted

13:30 PM: Public sale starts for whitelist winners on MaticRAISE (Fund raise module of MaticPad platform)

Thank you everyone for participating in the MaticPad Public sale whitelist event on 7th June 2021. A total of 300 users were selected randomly from pool of 54000+ registrants, making it a very successful event.

To those who were not selected in the whitelist event will be airdropped 500,000 MATPAD tokens from the pool of Private Sale Allocation.

Private Sale Community Airdrop


1. Should have participated in the whitelist event from 7th June 2021 to 11th June 2021 with a valid registration.

2. Connected wallet on our app dashboard at least once.

3. Must have been an active member of the Telegram chat with…


MaticPad is the First Cross-Chain Decentralized Accelerator Platform Based on Polygon that Helps Project Build, Raise and Launch.

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